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    The Greensboro Land Trust (GLT) is a partnership of Greensboro area people working together to ensure that, as Vermont steadily changes, open and forest land in Greensboro is not lost to development forever.
  • We help farm families conserve productive agricultural land for future generations, preserving not only our heritage but also our economic future.
  • We protect forestland that supports a healthy wood products industry and sustains habitat critical for black bear, moose, deer, songbirds and other wildlife
  • We help to permanently protect irreplaceable fields, woods, and shoreline in Greensboro essential for recreation and scenic enjoyment.

    All this is done while recognizing the need for town planning that allocates portions of the landscape to residential and commercial uses.

Recent GLT presentations by John Schweizer and Eric Hanson.
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For further information: Contact Clive Gray, chair
at 802-533-2609 (Oct.-May) or 802-533-7723 (June-Sept).
Greensboro Land Trust, Box 135, Greensboro, VT 05841


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