GLT Trustees, Advisory Committee and Officers


Sara Cavin


Clive Gray, chair

Stephanie Herrick  

Ken Johnston, Treasurer

Jennifer Lucas   Clark Maser
Mark McGrath, vice chair  

Jon Ramsay

Lacey Smith

  Nate Smith, secretary
Nancy Sullivan   Brian Titus
Roger Waible   Lee Wright


Advisory Committee
Tim Breen   Mike Cassidy

Nathan Day

  Erin Dezell
Bob Fairbanks   Linda Shatney
Tim Short   Jim Sowles
Ed Stehle   Rick Yeiser


For further information contact Clive Gray, chair
at 802-533-2609 (Oct.-May) or 802-533-7723 (June-Sept).
Greensboro Land Trust, Box 135, Greensboro, VT 05841

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