1) Maps of the Caspian Watershed -

A. USGS Map of Caspian Lake
B. entire Caspian watershed
C. Porter Brook watershed
D. Tate Brook watershed
E. Cemetery Brook watershed, which also shows Bachelor Brook to the south.
Here as a pdf

2) Greensboro Wetlands Map, link: http://www.nrb.state.vt.us/wrp/rulemaking/wetlands2010/maps/Greensboro.pdf

3) Report of Jim Ryan, Lamoille Regional Watershed Coordinator for ANR, based on personal observations, May, 2013.

4) 1997-1998 inspection report and recommendations of Susan Warren, then an aquatic biologist for ANR.

5) 1999 study by Lori Barg, consulting geologist, prepared for Christine Cano and Cynthia Meyers.

6) 1999 study by a group of Sterling College students, prepared for the Greensboro Association.

7) Report and observations of John Schweizer concerning Tate Brook delta expansion, September, 1999

8) Pictures

A. Watson Sand Bar, so called, Tate Brook, 1930's (?)
B. mouth of Cemetery Brook, May 2013
C. Cemetery Brook delta, October 2013
D. field drains, Cemetery Brook, May 2013
E. Bachelor Brook, showing delta, October 2013
F. Tate Brook, lower reaches, May 2013
G. Tate Brook culvert, North Shore Road, May 2013
H. Tate Brook delta, new sedimentation layer, October 2013
I. Tate Brook delta, October 2013   
J. Porter Brook above Craftsbury Road, May 2013
K. Porter Brook delta, October 2013
L. Porter Brook delta, showing new sedimentation layer, October, 2013
M. spate brook, north shore, October 2013
N. intermittent stream, west shore, November 2013
O. intermittent stream, west shore, showing delta, November 2013
P. intermittent stream, west shore, recent sedimentation layer, November 2013

9. Partial summary of 2004 Sterling College study.

10. Greensboro Zoning Ordinance, link: http://www.greensborovt.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Zoning-Bylaw-Original.pdf

11: Vermont Wetland Rules, link:

12: Better Back Roads Pocket Guide, link: ftp://ftp-fc.sc.egov.usda.gov/VT/RCD/BBR%202008/pocket_guide.pdf

13: Riparian Buffers and Corridors, link:

14. ANR Buffer Guidance, link:

15. Caspian Lake Report Card, link:
http://www.vtwaterquality.org/lakes/htm/lp_lakescorecard.htm For methodology see [ http://www.vtwaterquality.org/lakes/docs/lp_lakereportsheet.pdf ]

16. Legal impacts of unpermitted wetland development, from The Vermont Digger, link:



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