Existing Protections

Greensboro Zoning Ordinance

Section 3.9 of the Greensboro Zoning Bylaws requires a fifty foot setback for any new development along the feeder streams. In addition, riparian landowners must maintain a fifty foot buffer zone along the feeder streams, subject to grandfathering provisions which protect existing uses, but prohibit their expansion.

Although this provision is important and proactive, it does have some weaknesses. First, it is not clear that all riparian landowners are aware of their responsibilities. Second, the grandfathering provisions make it possible for some negative land use practices to continue.

Article Eight of the zoning bylaws creates some special protections for areas within 150 feet of Caspian Lake, which gives added protection for the feeder streams as they near the lake.

A link to the ordinance can be found in Appendix 10.

Wetlands Protection

There are numerous statutory and regulatory protections for mapped wetlands, particularly Class 1 and Class 2 wetlands. For purposes of this report, the most important of these protections is the imposition of a fifty foot buffer zone around all mapped Class 2 wetlands, which provides some level of protection for portions of Tate and Porter Brooks.

See Appendix 11 for a link to the Vermont Wetlands Regulations. Appendix 16 is an article which contains some important practical advice for landowners who may be considering altering a wet or boggy area.

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