Over the years a great deal of study and effort has been undertaken to preserve the water quality and natural beauty of Caspian Lake. This investment has reaped rich rewards; Caspian remains one of Vermont's cleanest and most scenic lakes. (See Appendix 15, ANR’s Caspian Lake's scorecard.)

However, over that same period of time very little coordinated study has been conducted to evaluate the health of Caspian's arteries: the small brooks and streams which feed into the lake. If these streams were to substantially degrade, the lake itself would be placed at risk.

Sensing this void, the Greensboro Land Trust formed a committee in the late fall of 2012 to study the health and ecology of the streams which feed into Caspian Lake, and to determine what action, if any, might be appropriate for the Land Trust or others to take regarding these streams. The committee, which consisted of Rick Yeiser, Lee Wright, Linda Shatney, Clive Gray and Andy Dales met a number of times over the winter, spring and summer of 2013, and consulted with several private and public sources to gather information. These included:

Lydia Menendez, Assistant Director of the Vermont River Conservancy, who talked to the committee about various strategies for maintaining and improving stream quality.

Len Gerardi and Jud Kratzer, Regional Fisheries Biologists for the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, who addressed the importance of the feeder streams to the Caspian Lake fishery, and who provided USGS based maps of the various components of the Caspian Watershed.

Susan Warren, Section Chief, Lakes and Ponds Management and Protection Program for the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, who provided copies of various studies of the feeder streams conduced in the late 1990's, including one she prepared while working as an aquatic biologist with ANR.

Jim Ryan, Regional Watershed Coordinator for the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, who met with the group to discuss watershed management, and who later led a larger group on an inspection tour of many of the feeder streams.

Andy Dales, who for years has been the lay monitor for Caspian Lake, and who provided the committee with copies of every known study of the feeder streams.

In addition, members of the committee conducted interviews and studied historical records to try to get a sense of the historic role of the feeder streams.

The committee is very grateful for the time and effort contributed by the individuals noted above. Without their input this study would not have been possible.

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For further information contact Clive Gray, chair
at 802-533-2609 (Oct.-May) or 802-533-7723 (June-Sept).
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