Barr Hill

    In December 2005/April 2006, respectively, the GLT acquired easements on two parcels formerly part of a 100-acre lot on the lower reaches of Barr Hill. Last farmed by Everett and Delia Rutledge in the 1950s, the lot was purchased in 1872 by Delia’s great-grandfather Moses Haines, and before that farmed successively by Franklin Blake, B.B. Glines, and Edward Hunt. The original proprietor, in 1791, was John Platt.

Ronna Gray/Andrea Perham
This property, comprising 20.6 acres of hayfield, pasture and forest, adjoins the Perham homestead, the next-to-last house on Barr Hill Road en route to the Barr Hill Nature Preserve. In December 2005, Ronna Gray completed a bargain sale to the GLT in which she generously donated most of the value of a conservation easement on the parcel, adjoining the McGrath land on which the GLT also holds an easement (see McGrath page). The Perhams, who purchased Ronna’s property in March 2006, agreed to the easement, which allows no residential development.

Estate of Sherrard Gray/Scott Mann
This 15-acre, largely wooded parcel, was also part of the Rutledge farm. In 1973 Sherry Gray built a dugout on the hill behind the Perhams and lived in it for 20 years before building a small cottage next door. Following Sherry’s death in November 2004, his family donated an easement to the GLT in April 2006. Bob and Sue Goodby, who purchased the property in October of 2006, agreed to the easement, which allows for one single-family residence. In March 2008 the Goodbys sold the property to the Tod Mann family, who have donated it to their son Scott.