Jamie Murdock and Virginia Toner

    For over 25 years Jamie and Virginia have owned two large parcels in North Greensboro, totaling a square mile. The largest parcel (362 acres), running along the Glover town line, borders VNC’s Long Pond Natural Area and includes frontage on Mud Pond to the east. It features a large beaver pond along Paine Brook, as well as superior forestland.

    In 2005, with a grant from the Freeman Foundation, the Vermont Land Trust purchased this parcel in fee simple. For the time being, VLT is retaining ownership and having the forest logged according to an approved forest management plan. Part of the logging is being conducted in such a way as to create different habitats for several species of songbirds.

     The separate 278-acre parcel, located west of Long Pond and fronting on Rocking Rock Road, is a mix of woodland, wetland, small hayfields and reverting pasture. Jamie and Virginia built a small cabin on this land and have created an extensive trail network, portions of which form part of the Craftsbury Outdoor Center ski trail system.     

     Simultaneously with the preceding land purchase, the Freeman Foundation and GLT enabled VLT to purchase a conservation easement on 150 of the 278 acres.

     The two Murdock parcels form part of a large wildlife corridor through the area. 

     They also contain two Keeping Track transects which Greensboro-Craftsbury KT volunteers monitored each season for several years to assess use by wildlife species.