Horse Pond – Thomas Sullivan/Scott Dean and Tracy St. Louis

    Dr. Sullivan’s 113.8-acre property, one of three lots granted to the town school when Greensboro was chartered in 1781, covers the western shore of Horse Pond and a sizable chunk of hinterland. One passes it (see photo below) on the left upon leaving Greensboro on Route 16 north towards Glover and Barton. In December 2005 Dr. Sullivan donated nearly the entire value of an easement on the property.

    The easement allows for one single-family residence near the old Turcott farmstead. Apart from two acres of open land in that area, the property is largely wooded and has been logged in recent years under a forest management plan. In 2006 Dr. Sullivan conveyed the property to Scott Dean of Glover, VT.

The Sullivan/Dean property was once owned by the grandfather of Tracy St. Louis of North Country Tree Care, who retained for his family a one-acre enclave on the ridge overlooking Horse Pond, featuring a spectacular rock formation (see adjacent photo). In December 2005 Tracy and his wife Elizabeth sold an easement on that parcel to the GLT, ensuring its protection in perpetuity along with Dr. Sullivan’s surrounding forest.

    Andy Skinner, a former part-time resident of Greensboro, covered over half the GLT’s out-of-pocket costs for the two easements, including two allocations to our Stewardship Endowment. Andy made the donation in memory of his wife Judith, a former GLT board member and lifelong crusader for protection of the natural environment in New England, Maryland and Virgina.