Black Hills

    In September 2013, the Vermont Land Trust closed on a working forest conservation easement for 1,700 acres of prime forest in Glover and Greensboro. The Greensboro portion comprised the 189-acre parcel once owned by author Wallace Stegner. The 1,500+/- acres in Glover contain the Black Hills, a prime feature of the Barr Hill and North Greensboro landscapes.

    The landowner, forester Rich Carbonetti, conducted a “bargain sale,” meaning that he donated a portion of the easement value to VLT. The bulk of the cost was covered by a Freeman Foundation grant to VLT. The Greensboro Selectboard voted $5,000 from the Greensboro Conservation Fund, while John and Francie Downing’s Stony Point Foundation and the GLT each contributed $10,000. The GLT’s portion consisted of donations from 45 members.